love where you live, but still want to leave sometimes

wrigleyfield You can love where you live, and still get super excited to leave. #truth That's me these days. We have a trip planned that starts August 3rd. It's a week and a half in Chicago and Wisconsin. We're going to see Phish play twice. We're going to eat deep-dish pizza. We're going to take a boat ride on the river to see architecture. We're going to hug lots of friends. We're going to get away from our smartphones. We're going to laugh a lot. I'm going to hear Adam tell a lot of stories about high school days with his friends. I'm SO PUMPED, you guys. I cannot WAIT.

Meanwhile, it's summer in Cape Breton. It's my favorite goddamn time of year in my favorite goddamn place in the world. (Remember when I went to ten beaches in one summer?) And life is super great right now! For so many years, summer in Cape Breton meant working all the hours I could. Now, I work 8:30 to 4:30, and have my evenings and weekends free. I have a garden. I have a kitten. I have a man I adore and who adores me. I have a car, and money to put gas in it, so I can get out to my favorite beaches and hikes. I have meaningful work to do. This is pretty much the flipping dream.

But I'm still really excited to get out of dodge! I'm excited to be on planes. To be in a big city that's totally not my usual haunt. To soak up the moment and hardly be online at all, and pack super light and see how that changes the travel experience. I'm excited to fill up my journal with ideas. I'm excited to be beholden only to myself and to Adam. And to see where that takes us.

Anyway, there are still a few weeks til then! Right now the weekend is about to start. It's chock full. Tonight we're going to check out Sydney RibFest (I'm bringing dental floss!). Tomorrow I'm working out at the gym with my rad trainer Steph, then selling tickets for a raffle at work. Then I'm going to treat myself to a movie: Magic Mike XXL. I've heard great things.  And then Sunday I'm checking out the Granville Green concert series in Port Hawkesbury: Sarah Harmer is playing! Woot: it's summer! Let's get outside and enjoy it.