Day 2: The Accidental Fundraiser


Well! I'm starting to catch my breath a little on this whole crowdfunding thing.

By the end of day 2, the rate of growth has slowed down and we're holding steady at 40%. The first day and a half were about getting the word out, posting on social media a fair bit, and watching the numbers climb like crazy (and getting offline and going for a walk when I felt overwhelmed by it all). Now it's about ' am I going to spend the next 28 days to ensure I reach my goal?'

I will admit that I didn't think very far in advance about this campaign; I didn't really have time! I first posted the link about the program "It's Business Time" on Friday, March 29th at 6:30 pm, saying "It is kind of killing me that I can't afford this program right now, because I want to take it SO bad."

Tiffany Han herself (life coach extraordinaire who I've talked about before on here) then wrote, "Quick, someone sponsor Leah!"

And from there, comments started coming in from people saying they would indeed support a crowdfunding campaign if I did one. In my head, I went back and forth between thinking, "Oh my gosh, I could actually do this!" to "No way, this is CRAZY, people are going to think I'm nuts!"

I did some research. I signed up for IndieGogo and started drafting a campaign. (And I have to say, props to their web designers because it is a really easy process to follow!)

This whole past weekend I was getting messages from people, private ones, saying "I would support you!" and telling me what perks they would like. I had a phone call from a friend who works in fundraising.

Again, I kept going back and forth between moments of exhilaration and moments of panic. "What if this is nuts?" "What if this actually worked?"

Sunday night, (pretty much just yesterday!) I hit "Launch" on the campaign.

Here we are, Tuesday night, $2,890 in, 40% raised. That means there is another 60% -- $4310 -- to go. And 28 more days.

Now it's time to really get to work! (For me, that is.) I've got stories to tell, videos to make, fun surprises to dream up and make happen: in short, a campaign to run. Accidental or not, I'm here in it now, and it's an amazing ride.

The campaign is here -- do take a peek!

xo Leah