Day 11: The Value of What I Do


Before I started writing this post, I almost talked myself out of writing it.

I thought, "Well, I better do some research first, get some statistics to really prove the value of graphic design. And that's definitely going to take forever. So maybe I just won't, because I'm kind of tired today."

Then I checked my email. Because I tend to do that when I'm procrastinating. And I got an email newsletter from New Zealand blogger Marianne Elliott, titled "The Bravest Thing I've Done This Year." In it, she says,

"I chose to back myself not because I was sure of myself, but despite the fact that I felt insecure, uncertain and afraid."

And it really struck me, because that's how I feel about this whole endeavour, this whole doing-a-crowdfunding-campaign-to-raise-the-money-to-take-a-business-coaching-program. I'm not doing it because I'm 100% totally certain of success. I'm doing it despite all the doubts and fears that come up for me every day about this being a crazy idea. I'm writing a blog post a day for it even though it's not easy, even though I don't really have the time, even though some evenings I'd rather not.

So then I decided, well, I can just speak from the heart about the value of graphic design! I don't need to show statistics about the return on the dollar of a logo, or a Facebook post, or clever website copy. Those statistics are important, yes. But it's not, deep down, the reason I do design. Or that I write. Or that I use social media.

I do it because it connects me with my readers, who are other human beings. And I love connecting with human beings.

I do it because images and graphics tell stories too.

I do it because "I Heart CB" is a declaration in bold black, white and red, powerful as any language.

I do it because cards are fun to send in the mail.

I do it because words are my passion and have been since I was a little kid.

I do it because it's just damn fun to dance and share videos of that.

I do it because I feel compelled to tell my truth, and to read the truths of others.

I do it because an identity for a company or a product, when done right, is a beautiful thing.

And all that I have learned through my years of experience blogging and designing is what I offer as a service. That is my value. And that is what you get, if you hire me for a project.

You can see my portfolio here on my website. And you can check out the Design Credit perks on my crowdfunding campaign here. And if you have any questions at all about working with me or about whether your project would be a good fit, just email me and we can talk it out:

And, now this post is done! I could so easily have talked myself out of writing it. But I'm glad I didn't, because although it's different than what I had imagined I would write, it's also real, and written, and done.