day 23: on giving yourself permission to stop or slow down

It's taken me 31 years to get to this point. It will likely take several more years to really, truly get it. Or maybe, my whole life! Or maybe I never will really truly get it. Who knows. Regardless: I feel like this last month has been a huge lesson for me in the simple fact that I have permission for myself to stop or slow down something, whenever I want.

I started the crowdfunding campaign and thought "I will do whatever it takes, I will squeeze every drop of productivity out of each day of the next month!" That was in one of my moments of E&E, or Enthusiasm and Exuberance. When I'm in that zone, I say yes to everything. It's all possible! I don't know how! But I'll figure it out!

Then a week later I felt overwhelmed, burnt out and tired.

Then I remembered: t's up to me to slow down.

It's up to me to set my schedule, whatever it's going to be. If I want to start a project to write 100 poems in 100 days, and then on day 6 I'm bored of it, and I don't want to do it anymore, that's OK. 

If I want to not plan a dance party for the whole community, and not look for partnerships, and instead get a line of credit to cover whatever I don't raise through crowdfunding, that's OK.

If I want to make napping on the couch after work with my boyfriend a priority, that's OK.

That's how I'll build the business that will work for me. That's how I'll avoid burnout. That's what it takes.