damn fine writing and dreaming big

IMG_4255 My new writing hero is Erin Loechner of Design For Mankind. Her writing is clear like the light in this photo, like the light on the beach last week. I don't skim her essays. I read every well-chosen, jewel-like word.

And damn fine tunes: I'm getting groovy to "Good Kisser" by Usherย on repeat, baby.

And just feeling: damn fine these days. A good, clear, lit-up life is totally possible. Today is the "someday" of several years ago, someone said to me the other day, so it's time to stop saying "Someday I will make slowing down a priority". Someday is today.

Other things I've said: "Someday I'll go after my dreams."

"Someday I'll make time to chill with Adam a priority."

"Someday I'll appreciate being in the moment."

"Someday I'll be more honest with my partner about my vulnerable, goofy self."

"Someday I'll take more risks."

Someday is now, yo. Dance to your beat, seek out the silky-fine light and writing that lights you up inside, and do what you gotta do to do the stuff you always said you would do...