why i want a lion tattoo, part 1

"I think perhaps we are acting as lion tamers when we are, in fact, simply put, lions." -- Erin Loechner. AMEN, sister. Here is the Pinterest board where I'm pinning images about my next tattoo.

Curious about my first tattoo, which I got only a few weeks ago? Here it is.

I thought for a minute that it was Monday -- it feels like a Monday for some reason -- but lo and behold, it is Wednesday. WHOA. And life keeps charging, hurtling, flowing onward like a spring brook.

Soon -- maybe tomorrow, maybe in a week? 'm not sure when, because the only things I'm sure of these days is work during the day and rest in the evening -- I want to tell you about some things. I can feel my desire to write like a heartbeat in me. Some days it's fast and wants to run. Other days its slow and wants to just sit and stare out the window.

My job, my lifelong job, is to follow it and give it what it wants.