December Devotion/1

The idea to do something for December, here on my blog, came to me last month sometime. I don't remember exactly when. I just felt the need to go inward a bit for December, felt the need to do something daily, something devoted.

Then I got a newsletter from the lovely Mara Glatzel, and at the bottom, she talked about a virtual retreat she was holding in December called "Glitter and Devotion." And it was just like, yeah. That's what I need. (So I signed up.)

And the word "Devotion" wouldn't leave me, ever since.

So, I googled it. A "daily devotional" is a publication that provides a specific spiritual reading for each calendar day - which is something I didn't know. Most other links having to do with "daily devotional" are Christian in nature. I am not Christian. I am, however, somewhat spiritual.

So, what the hell. "Devotion" it is! I'm calling it December Devotion. A bit of writing, or art, or something, each day of the month of December, with something to do with devotion.

I want to think about... what we devote ourselves to. What grows, as a result. Why we devote ourselves to things -- what passion, what love? 

I also like the idea of daily readings, and may perhaps dip into books in my own personal library for bits of random wisdom here and there. 

We shall see! Check back in tomorrow.

xo, Leah