December Devotion/4

In this piece from 2012, titled "Devotion, stardust & the rewards of showing up: 3 lessons from 12 years of yoga," Alexandra Franzen says, 

"DEVOTION is an action, not an emotion.

Want to know what you’re devoted to? Look at your calendar. Examine how you actually spend your time, on the planet.

If you ‘can’t find the time’ for an hour of yoga, three times a week — or whatever else you say you want to do — that’s fine. Do something else. Check your email. Fly a kite. Learn to crochet. Host a tea party. But don’t kid yourself — it’s tiresome. Be honest about what you’re devoted to."

In this piece from 2013, titled "On Flakiness & devotion," she writes,

"With a modicum of self-inquiry and honesty (“Can I really devote to this? Do I really want this? Can I really afford this?”) we can avoid 99.9% of eventual flakedom.

The next three times I want to flake out … I won’t. (...) Because devotion is wildly sexy."