This weekend I'm heading to Halifax to meet up with this nut! :) Or as she's more commonly known, the lovely Leah Wechsler, of Creative, She Wrote.

Why we're going: We're giving a workshop at BlogJam Atlantic, on Sunday, November 6th, a session called The Content Cure. We'd love to meet you if you're going! The session description is here.  

When I was in Maine last month, visiting with Leah, we worked on our presentation together at her local library. It was so nice to hang out in person with her after a year or so of Skyping every couple of weeks. She is a real person! :) And a very lovely one. 

Maine was really pretty, by the way. I'm working on a post about my travels there... but first, Halifax. Follow me on the ol' Instagram for things I see and do there.