going backwards, going forwards

Looking for inspiration. Earbuds in, Bjork playing. That kind of mood, "Big Time Sensuality". The bedroom window in front of me with curtains open, it's almost dark outside. That Fall dark-blue sky, some rain. 

I miss blogging. I miss writing daily, or nearly daily. I miss blogging before it was a massive vehicle, a rumbling SUV of a thing, a way to make a living, constrained by rules about pretty photos. I mean, I get it. We like pretty things. And I'm glad in a way that it's become what it has. But I also miss the days of just opening a new post and typing your thoughts and hitting Publish.

I want to bring that back, at least to my own life. 

So tonight I'm writing out some ideas for "who I am now" and what I want to write about, put out there into the world. 

Writer. Worker with people with disabilities (this one has been a huge learning curve this year!). Graphic designer. Wannabe veggie gardener (really didn't do much with it this year, but still, I got excited about the raspberries I found on the vine today - which reminded me that even when things feel fallow, they can and do grow back). Friend. Retreat planner. Mama-in-waiting. Girlfriend. Daughter. I still love local stuff but I am shy to revive the Dream Big brand and blog... so how to incorporate that? We'll see. I want to be more outspoken about the things that matter to me, social justice issues and all that. But I also want to share (some of) my life. I want my blog to be an interesting read. 

What comes to my mind is the idea of flexing muscles that I haven't used in a while. 

What does that look like?
Ask the question first, I guess.