love lives here

Adam is working today, and I'm home by myself. I've alternated between playing music loud, complete silence, talking to my Dad on the phone, and listening to a podcast. And now back to silence.

In another hour or so, my Mom is due to arrive. A few days ago she turned 60. Today we're celebrating by going out for dinner, and then to a movie. 

It seems so simple. Yet these are the memories we'll keep. When she's 70, or 80, we'll remember. We'll say, "Remember when we went to see Beauty and the Beast for your 60th?" 

"Yes, back before you guys had _________ [fill in the blank here for whatever we end up naming the baby that I'm not even pregnant with yet]."


My friend Aleena is from Pakistan originally, and she has introduced me to the phrase "Inshallah."

"If God wills."

I asked her when someone was arriving on a plane recently and she texted back, "2:30. Inshallah." I think it's like "touch wood". "Hopefully. If all goes well. If nothing goes wrong."

We never know, what lies ahead. So we touch wood. So we say "Inshallah."


It's the weekend. I'm working on an idea for something to do for #The100DayProject. It has to do with colour palettes and photos of everyday life. (If you're interested in #The100DayProject there is more info here: The100DayProject. And here is my idea.) I'm a little nervous (will I keep it up? will it still be interesting to me then?) but also excited (maybe I'll keep it up! maybe it will be incredibly interesting even at the end!). Maybe it will morph and change. Probably it will morph and change. Just like the other, bigger project I'm planning to embark on, that of trying for a baby.


Happy Saturday, friends.