So I'm pregnant!

I found out on June 21 and ever since have been keeping it mostly a secret. I say "mostly" because I told my close friends, and our immediate family (parents, siblings) right away, but have been waiting to hit that magical 12-week mark before I let it be public (and then, Adam had to call his friends in Chicago, and then I went on a trip to Toronto, so it's taken a little longer than I expected to announce to the world). I'm at 14 weeks now. Due February 8th, 2018. A wee Noble-Elliott concoction! Woo hoo! 

I gotta say, it has been hard not to say anything on social media relating to pregnancy, and instead pretend life is just ticking along as it was before. So I've mainly just not said anything at all.

As well, I've been really tired and nauseous, so that other than going to work and then coming home every day, and sleeping, and then waking up and sometimes making supper before going back to bed, there hasn't been a lot to post to Instagram or blog about, really. (Except for my trip to Toronto last week, which, thank goodness I wasn't super tired for.) And I didn't want to just post the same naps, dishes and office pics over and over, and come across as super boring. ("Doesn't she ever get her ass up off the couch anymore?" -- I imagined people thinking.) But I also didn't have the energy to "look for inspiration and beauty in the everyday!" or anything along those lines - I was actually quite happy to just take time to chill. 

This has resulted in me taking a kind of social media hermitage for the last month, which has been nice in some ways, and irritating in others. 

What's Been Nice:

  • For Adam and I to just enjoy the knowledge that we're cooking a little baby up, and things are relatively chill for now... I'm not showing, not everyone knows, it's just us and our little Strawberry/Plum/whatever fruit size it is that week. Before long my bump will grow, and everyone will know, and life will probably never be this quiet again.
  • To take a little break from social media, because really, that's always good for creativity and ideas, even if I resist it at the time.
  • To prioritize rest. For several weeks there I would get home from work and be so exhausted I could not do anything else but crawl into bed and sleep for two hours. It didn't matter that the dishes weren't done, that the clothes were in piles on the floor, that the book I ached to read was right there, that there were projects I wanted to work on. None of it mattered because my body was growing a human and it was effing tired and needed to rest. 

What's Been Irritating:

  • Dangit but I just want to talk publicly about what I'm going through! And share All the Feelings - the excitement, the fear, the fact that a human being is growing inside my body, which continually blows my mind. 
  • I hate not explaining things. I know, I know, everyone has the right to take breaks and not say why, and I would never begrudge anyone else that right, ever. But I also just like to say "Here's what's going on with me!" rather than some vague "Oh I'm a little worn out right now". I like honesty, I like to share. I guess that's why I like blogging? LOL.

ANYway. So yeah! I took a little break, somewhat. Because I'm pregnant! Main takeaway: I've been sleeping a lot. My nausea has now subsided. And the baby, which started out Blueberry-sized the week I found out I was pregnant, is now the size of a Peach. 

So hurray! I can't wait to share more of my pregnancy as it progresses. In the meantime - here are two fun board books I bought already... you know this kiddo is going to have a massive library before it's even born!