life lately, in verbs


Walking... at the track above. I love the little community park that it is. I love the older folks I see there often. I love the little birdhouses someone put up. I even love the highway that runs right next to it. 

Loving... my baby's rolls on his legs. My own belly (working on loving it anyway). My own body, beginning to age and to sag and to have stretch marks. But here anyway. 

Listening... to a playlist of my favourites on Spotify.

Healing... the wounds. My heart. My hurt. 

Kissing... my baby's cheeks. As much as I can. It's like a drug!

Cooking... Hello Fresh meals. Roasting zucchini, tomatoes, chickpeas. Or making a turkey burrito bowl. Trying new things. 

Learning.... how to co-parent. (Working on a post about what I've learned so far!) 

Dancing... in the kitchen to amuse Aidan. 

Watching.... a shit ton of Grey's Anatomy. It's just comforting! I started from the beginning. I'm gonna make it past season 5 this time, I swear! (That's where I stopped back in... 2010? Not sure.) I really liked this piece about it: "It pushes all the appealing buttons of a quality soap opera, as hunky guys and beautiful women tangle with each other — both personally and professionally — within the high stakes world of a bustling hospital. But it's also a story told Rhimes' way, featuring her fondness for shocking topicality, her taste for ethnic and sexual diversity, and her skill at building complex relationships between women."

Smiling... a lot these days.