Day 5: zzz...

I got home from work tonight and crashed on the couch. Like, full-on nap. Work today was busy -- there was a Bowl-a-rama happening-- and the week has been very, very full. I knew as I was driving home that the only thing I wanted to do was put on comfy pants and take off my bra, get my pillow from the bed and curl up on the couch, where I was 99.99% sure Adam already was. And that's exactly what I did.

The crowdfunding campaign I'm running is at $3, 235. That's 45% of the goal. According to this article about the typical crowdfunding campaign, I'm doing well! Now is the middle part, which will take the most work, and where some people give up on their campaign because it seems like it's slowing down and won't ever pick up again. Tomorrow is Saturday, and I'm planning to spend several hours doing some work on campaign stuff. I will also likely take the weekend off doing social media and spreading the word. That way I'm nice and rested when Monday rolls around again, and everyone gets a break from hearing about it!

Have a good weekend, my dears!

xo Leah