Day 8: Into The Middle

crowdfunding_campaign_calendar Hey hey and welcome to Monday! I hope you had a terrific weekend. I did; it was nice to take a break from social media, and to spend time with my partner. We slept in, we took a walk, we napped on the couch. We also cleaned up around the house, shoveled snow, and made food. Balancing out a busy work-week and social life, with rejuvenating downtime, is so important.

So yeah! Here we are. It's Monday, one week after I launched my crowdfunding campaign, "It's Business Time for Leah". According to the research I've been doing, crowdfunding campaigns have a predictable pattern to them, one that looks a bit like the Golden Gate Bridge. They start strong with a spike of early adopters. Then there is a middle phase of slow progress. Then at the end there is another spike, people who want to help you reach the goal before the end of the campaign. (I got that from this article.)

So this is the middle. This is the slog, the part where people are most likely to give up on their campaign. And I can understand that now, because the first few days of the campaign the total climbed so fast, it was addictive to check it! But the last few days, while there have been some contributions, it's slowed down quite a bit.

So now the ball is in my court. And I sure as heck am not stopping now, so I've been asking myself, what am I going to do now, to go beyond just telling people about the campaign, and to write content that will actually have value to those reading it?

For example, I want to tell you why women-led small businesses are super important to the local economy, and to the economy in general. I want to talk more about the program I'm going to take, and how it's going to help me create the business of my dreams. I want to talk about the value I provide to businesses, through my skills, and what you will get if you buy Design Credit from me. And I want to tell you what I've learned about starting something before you feel completely ready, and how I think that's led to my own successes.

So that's what this week's blog content is going to be all about: answering those questions. Stay tuned! The campaign itself is here, and as always, I love hearing from you.

xo Leah