Day 17: A Bit About Working With Me

IMG_3644 If you've been looking at the perk of Design Credit over on my IndieGogo campaign, and wondering just what it's like to work with a freelance designer, well, let me explain it a bit! Or at least, explain the process I go through.

It all starts with a chat. Either we talk on the phone, or Skype, or we meet in person. This chat is free - I haven't started the "clock" yet. We talk about your project: what you're hoping to get created, what your inspirations are, what your timeline is, what your budget is. I make lots of notes and ask lots of questions.

Then usually a few days later, I give you an estimate. This is presented in the same sort of format as an invoice, but it's not an invoice. It comes via PDF in your email. It breaks down what I'll create for you and outlines the amount of money we've agreed upon exchanging. You accept this estimate and then my work begins.

(A note about asking for payment up front: every designer and businessperson works differently about payments. Up to this point in my business I haven't asked for payment up front but I think down the road that will change. And obviously the perks work differently... they're pre-paid.)

Charging by the hour is a bit tricky and there is no perfect formula; every designer figures out what works for them. Design is like other services like auto-mechanics or fashion design (and sometimes feels like a weird mix of the two). Nothing ever takes the same amount of time, but here are some general items and estimates of time (although of course it depends on the project):

  • Business card: 1 hour
  • Brochure: 6 hours
  • Logo from scratch: 10 hours
  • Vectorizing an existing logo: 1-2 hours
  • Facebook header image/profile image using your existing branding: 1 hour
  • Illustration: 2-4 hours

Revisions: this is the number of times we'll make changes. The higher the budget, the more revisions I can include. Designers put this in our estimates to avoid scope creep.

Basically, what I've learned from working in other people's businesses since I was 17 -- and from having a side hustle for the last two years -- is that customer service is key. I want to make sure you're happy! So these guidelines are just that: to guide us in making sure the exchange of service for money is fair and that we're both happy with the end result.

You can check out some of my work here in my portfolio, and view the IndieGogo campaign here to purchase some design time! And as always, if you have questions, hit me up at