Day 16: the point at which it's easy to slack off

Thoughts going through my head on my drive home today: "If I don't post something today, who will even notice?"

"I certainly can't just post random sentences."

"Well, but I was planning to write about the perks of the campaign this week, but that post isn't ready to go yet."

"Well, if I'm going to just post random sentences, I should at least link to the campaign."

And there you have it, folks. Day 16. The sloggy middle. The campaign total is at 51%. My energy for it is at about 20%! But, I'm in it. I may not have the posts up today that I wanted, but there is tomorrow. And the next day. And another twelve days beyond that.

The point, I guess? Don't give up. Do a little bit anyway. It's OK.