back to "normal", lol

image1Lately I've been obsessed with clearing out. Cleaning up. Getting rid of stuff. Well, the last couple of months, really. I don't know why it is, although I heard somewhere, someone say, "You have to make room for new things in your life, by clearing out the old stuff." Which reminds me, next week is Heavy Garbage Week here in the CBRM! (Edit: nope, not til May 18th.)And I actually have stuff to put out by the curb this time around, so I'm excited for that. I'm putting out an old wooden loveseat, half-rotted, that was in the back garden when we moved in three years ago. And I'm going to go through the basement and see what else I can haul to the street.

So, whew! Here I am. Post-crowdfunding. Back (somewhat?) to normal life. (Whatever that is.) Of course, now that the campaign is over, I still have work to do: fulfilling all the perks! I'm using an Excel spreadsheet, because IndieGogo helpfully allows you to export all your contributions as a .csv file. I'm also just using plain old email, sending "bcc" emails to people with the same perk, and personalized emails to people who bought design credit, to start working on their projects. I'm working with local printers to fulfil the perks that are products, too, and getting print tests and things like that. I've been sharing a few sneak peeks on my Instagram.

It's week 4 in "It's Business Time" and at some point I'll have to write a catch-up post to talk about what I've learned so far! I'll try and get to that this week. In the meantime, Week 1 is here if you're interested.

In the meantime, it's a rainy/sleety Tuesday, and I hope you have a good, creative day!

xo Leah


The "Adventure Is Right Here" print in the picture at the top of this post came as part of the "Happy Mail" box in November from A Beautiful Mess. I was signed up for that for a few months until I cut a few non-essential things to save money; but, it's a fun little package!