good words

When I woke up today I seriously considered not getting out of bed for another hour. I wake up at 6:15 or so, each day, and usually I'm pretty happy to get up, go make Adam's breakfast and lunch, pour his coffee, and then start my own day.

This morning, with grey skies and cold rain, and a warm and cozy bed, was a different story.

I got up anyway. I did the stuff anyway. However, just before I left the house, I did lie on my bed for about ten minutes, with my head on my comfy down pillow, and just breathe. And it did the trick.

On my way to work I put in my headphones and listened to a podcast. Which is pretty normal, but this morning though, I listened to a podcast I don't subscribe to and don't normally listen to, because this particular episode was linked to in a Facebook group I'm in. It was The Lively Show, the episode with Alexandra Franzen. In the episode Alexandra mentions that on her website she's got scripts for saying NO a way that uplifts both parties, so when I got to work today I spent a few minutes on her website.

And her delicious writing reminded me: I too have the gift of clarity. I too have the gift of words. I too have a space where I can write, and share a bit of goodness with the world.

I get awfully caught up in the vampire voices in my head that say I mustn't post unless it's The Best Post That Ever Was.

And I forget the truth of the matter: posting something simple, more often, is worth more than the fictional, totally imaginary Best Post That Ever Was.

I hope you're having a creative day!

xo Leah