a rainy Friday evening

         It's a rainy Friday. The grass, the ditches, the trees, all are blushing green with new growth. It's so refreshing to me after the long, cold, slushy winter we had. I stopped at the Co-Op store on Keltic Drive on my way home, and bought seeds and onion sets. I didn't venture out into the wet yard with all the potted plants, though. I'm thinking this year of not going too plant-crazy with purchases, and just tending to the garden I already have, tidying it up a bit. It's so good to be home, for it to be the weekend, and especially a rainy one... that makes me feel so cozy! Other than going to see Pitch Perfect 2 with some gal pals, my plans are to stay in our house and on our property. I'm feeling the urge to nest, to cuddle with our new kitten, and to tend to my own work. Whether that's my design freelance work, or my own home, just to have some time to get to my own stuff, instead of my day-job that I do through the week, it's a heavenly feeling.

Today is day 2 of posting-for-a-week. I'm realizing how much I've missed daily blogging. It was necessary for me, personally, to step away from the "Dream Big Cape Breton" brand back in the winter, but I need to remember what I loved about blogging, and get more of that in my life.