get random

I had lunch today with my friend Mary. She's got her own company doing social media consulting and management,  and she inspires me a great deal with her passion for nature and the environment.  She's just pretty rad.

Anyway, we were chatting about blogging, social media, starting a biz, all that good stuff. And I was giving her advice about starting a blog, and saying that it was totally fine -- and in fact, attractive to people -- to post a random assortment of stuff, not just "The Top Ten Ways to Maximize Your SEO" or other biz-related posts.

And then I realized, I need to follow my own advice.

Part of the reason I'm quiet on my blog these days is I feel like now that I'm writing a blog for my biz, that it has to be all biz, all the time. That and, I feel it needs to be a lot more polished.

But, newsflash Leah! I'm not polished. And I'm the person that people will be working with. If they're drawn to me, they're drawn to me. If they're not, then there are hundreds of designers out there for them to work with instead. That's totally OK.

And in the meantime, in the time I'm wasting being worried that people won't like me and my random posts, I'm not posting and not having the conversations with readers that I could be having, that will further my business.

So, I'm going to post every day for the next week. It will be random. It will be from my daily life. I'll see how I like it. You'll see how you like it! And we'll go from there.

1, 2, 3: Get random!

Oh and -- that's my new kitten, in the photo up there! Her name is Mittens. I love her to bits.