the 20-minutes-a-day experiment

I'm in week seven now of "It's Business Time." ("It's Business Time" is the group coaching program I crowdfunded in order to take, a month and a half ago. My thoughts on week one of the program are here.)

Week seven! That's crazy. Where does the time go?!

Anyway, today is Friday and every Friday the group of us meet on Uber Conference and talk for an hour. In our call today, my question for the coaches was, "I want to help people with their social media, as part of my business, but I don't want to be a social media expert who has no life outside of social media. I want balance. Can that exist?"

One of the coaches, the rad Tiffany Han, replied by challenging me to find out for myself. She said, "Try only going on social media for twenty minutes a day, for the next two weeks, and see if you're as effective on it as before."

"Does that include writing blog posts, or checking email?" I said.

"No, just the platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest."

I tried to bargain, saying, "Well, how about an hour a day?"

"Nope." Tiffany was firm. "Twenty minutes."

"Fine, fine!" I said, laughing. "I accept!"

And to be honest, as much as it scares me, the idea also excites me. I've gone off social media other times, for various lengths of time. And I've tried to just be conscious of my use of it, and limit that use. But I've never done it exactly like this before.

The idea is scary, because although I hope for balance, I definitely fear that in order to use social media for business, you need to be on it all the time, that you need to be available to people all the time.

But what if that's not true?

And what if I can learn methods for balance, and help other people with this 'pain point'?

We'll see. Twenty minutes a day, here goes!