Life Lately

Lately I'm...

Creating lots of materials at work at Horizon: posters, web graphics, print materials.

Picking away at the list of freelance side work to do. One piece at a time, the list is shrinking!

Listening to podcasts, and the sound of the rain.

Going Hands-Free at times to spend time with my family. (Adam and Mittens.)

Being conscious of my time on social media and finding I'm just as effective with only 20 minutes a day.

Watching all the green growth in the gardens and the woods.

Working on the It's Business Time work and feeling really excited about what's to come for me in the next year.

In disbelief that it's already June, and the year is half over.

Growing out my bangs... I tried them, they were fun, but ultimately I'm a super low-maintenance gal when it comes to my hair.