daily writing practice

Get it in however you can. For me, right now, this blog is serving that purpose.

I used to blog for joy. Then I blogged for a mission. Then after a few years of that, I felt like blogging wasn't fun anymore, so I stopped for a while.

Now I'm back to wanting to blog for joy. The trick for me, for that, is keeping it loose. Keeping it unstructured. Keeping it easy. I ask myself each day, "What do I want to write about today?" And I listen for the answer, and then I start typing.

I want to write a book. And I imagine (having written a long thesis) that the way to write a book is to write, and then write more, and write some more.

The un-overwhelming way to do that is to do a little bit every day.

Hence, here we are. Me, writing. Daily. The internet is a tool, not a tyrant. I can use it how I need to. And you can use it how you need to.

Something else: I recently got turned on to Greg McKeown's work on Essentialism. It's blowing my mind a little. Or more like, blowing a fresh breeze through the house of my schedule, my life. I foolishly think, a lot of the time, that I'd someday reach a point where I was good, I didn't need to pare back more, or watch out for what I said yes to, anymore. Ha! That's not true. You always do. There is always something to get rid of. Something nagging, something I'm resentful of. There is always more that I could give love to my husband*, my pet, my home, myself. There is buckets of inattention to make up for.

*Technically we're not married. But I still think of Adam as my hubby. We intend to be together for the rest of our lives, and we hear each other fart, so I'm pretty sure that's what marriage is, right?