Witness the fitness

Today I want to talk about fitness. (Blog post title from this song.)

In Junior High I was the kid who sat out of gym class.  I hated the teacher, hated the other kids, hated having to work out with everyone else watching. I would make up notes from my mom, or tell Mr. Billard it was my period. I'd do whatever I could do to get out of it.

Flash forward to today. That picture above is me, sweaty and disheveled and with dirty hands from lifting truck tires, in the bathroom at Platinum Fitness. My whole body is sore and singing with having WORKED.

In between gym class in Grade 7, and today, I've been learning how to live IN my body. How to love it. Despite my pudge. Despite my fears of what other people think. Despite my own inertia. I've done yoga, I've walked and hiked. I've swam. And now I'm working with a trainer, something I never thought I could afford (it's actually crazy affordable), and I love it! It's got me all kinds of fired up, thinking up blog posts, imagining being super toned, and feeling stronger than I ever have before. It also just makes me happier. (I'm using the hashtag #leahgetsfit on Instagram to keep track. You can check it out! I think another Leah was using it, but that was like a year ago and so far it's just me using now.)

Onward to the day ahead! Day-job awaits, and then tonight I'm eating at the Bitehouse with some good girlfriends. Life is sweet.