three bullets // july 21

Today's a busy day for me, not much time to write, so I'm just going to use three bullets and keep it short:

  • Today was one month into my new training regime. We measured my hips, bust, thighs, arms and waist and over all I've lost 5 inches. (Waist was 2 inches, bust was 1, thighs were 1, arms were 0 and hips were 1.) My weight is still the exact same. I'm stoked! It feels great and I feel like I finally found the sport that I want to get obsessed with. (I was never an athletic kid.)
  • I bought this book and I'm so pumped to read it. And then report back to you all.
  • Here is a post by Alexandra Franzen that I'm reading and re-reading these days. I love the idea of a production list, and of cranking tunes.

Have a great one!