What's that?

Oh, that's the sound of time flying. 

And what's that in the photo?

It's the beautiful little cabin where, in September of this year, Emily Chafe and I will hold the inaugural Creative Soul Weekend in Port Hood. There are six spots open. Find out more and book yours here.

What else?

Well! Man, oh man. Have I got some plans! I read Essentialism last week and decided, hey, maybe I'm NOT writing a book right now. Maybe I'll do that down the road. That's fine.

The book was awesome and inspiring. It lit a fire under me to cut back, again. Again, again. Why do I think there will come a point when I'm done cutting back?! When really, that's life.

So, what's on my plate right now:

  • My day job. Because, you know, bills.
  • Creative Soul Weekend. Because: passion projects.
  • It's Business Time. Because: self-employment, sooner rather than later.
  • Fulfilling the crowdfunding perks. Because: honoring commitments.

And.. .that's it. No new clients til - I want to say - October. But it might even have to be later than that, depending on how those crowdfunding perks go.

And the reason that's it, is because these things are on another plate of mine, a no less important plate:

  • Adam
  • Mittens the kitten
  • Garden
  • Walks and exploration
  • Fitness
  • Family
  • Sleep.

Meanwhile... as a result of It's Business Time and planning my new site and business, I'm thinking about blogging and what that's going to look like for me in the future. Good news for you, if you like reading my blog posts: I'm going to put more time and effort (read: some time and effort at all) into blogging! I'm excited to share more stories.

For now: we're off to Chicago next week! I'm pumped. I'm packing light. (And in my head I'm thinking "Ooh! A future post idea!") Follow me on Instagram to see what I get up to in Chi-town!

xo Leah