December Devotion/10

Devotion tonight looks like pudding. 

I asked Adam if he would pick up some pudding from the grocery store for me because I was having a craving. He didn't want to. But he did it. 

When he came home with the plastic bag, it had (no joke) six different kinds of pudding in it. Snack Pack in Milk Chocolate AND Dark Chocolate. Instant pudding in boxes. A chocolate mousse mix. 

The man may be one of few words but he is also one of a great variety of puddings. 


Hot damn, I love it when Janelle Hachett writes a new blog post. And tonight she did, and lo, it is about relationships. And it is good.


I've been home sick from work for two days now. I've been sleeping, and watching lots of Gilmore Girls. This is my old blog, my very first blog in fact, and tonight I searched "Gilmore Girls" on it for a walk down memory lane. Here are the results.  Reading them reminded me that I have never, in fact, really known what I'm doing. I get all caught up in perfectionism and worry, and don't want to just write and put stuff out there. When in fact, that is all I've ever really done. And it's worked so far. 


So devotion to one's craft looks like writing anyway, even if it is not perfect, because nothing ever is, and devotion to one's commonlaw-wife looks like pudding.

I'll take it.