December Devotion/11

I'm actually grateful to the cold I had this week, that made me miss two sick days at work. I'm grateful for it because I was able to use it as a reason to cancel the plans I had made for this weekend, and stay home to rest. 

I had wanted down time, and because of this cold, I got it. 

In my down time, I thought a lot about the Productivity Vampire Voices. These are the breed of Vampire Voices that are specifically keen to beat me up about my productivity. You know the kinds of things they say; I bet you have them too. Basically, they tell me I'm only as good as the number of things on my To-Do list that I get done each day. Rest is their kryptonite. 

So my Productivity Vampire Voices were at a fever pitch when I first got sick, on Tuesday. But when I cancelled things, and got into bed, and slept, or watched Gilmore Girls, they began to fade. 

I want, so much, for there to be more space in my life. In my schedule. I really think this whole "we're all so freaking busy!!" thing is, frankly, horseshit. What I mean is, I think we've been sold a crock. I think we "hustle for our worth," which is something I heard Brene Brown say in a podcast episode I listened to this week.  I think women especially have such a hard time saying NO because they think that they have to help whoever asks them for help. 

It's easy, though, to say that. It's a whole other thing to live like that. To live essentially.

That's why I'm excited to take part in an upcoming experiment by the author of a book that has had a huge impact on me this year, Essentialism. It's called "Essential Live" and it's free. It starts on December 15th

The other thing I'm excited about, for focusing on my dreams + goals for the year to come, is an online retreat hosted by Mara Glatzel that I'm taking part in this Sunday. It's called "Glitter + Devotion".  I'll let you know next week, how I liked it and what I learned. 

So Devotion, today and for the weekend ahead, is about devotion to myself. Devotion to, well, to figuring out what is worth devoting myself to, and what can be left by the wayside. 

May you have a lovely weekend,

xo Leah