December Devotion/14

Adam's devotion, both to me/our family, and to himself, shows in his daily devotion to his work. He rises at 6 am, and he leaves by 7 am, or whatever time he needs to (sometimes it's earlier, if he's working farther away). He's an electrician by trade. He works for a local company. He's a steadfast and devoted worker, from what I hear, and from what I can tell. 

My devotion to him/our family shows in my daily going out to start the truck, which is when I took this photo above. While he's eating breakfast, I put on my rubber boots and go out, unlock the truck, and start it. It runs for about ten minutes before he goes out and leaves. We do this mainly in the winter, when it's cold out. 

It's Monday! The work week begins. My weekend was restful. I also made some changes to how I use some Facebook, which I'll talk about in an another post this week sometime. And, I took part in a virtual retreat led by Mara Glatzel. All in all, it was contemplative, and true to self. I come out of it feeling grounded. 

Have a good one, friend. :)