December Devotion/21

Back on the bandwagon. I go through phases. (So does the moon... so do we all. Right? Right.)

Phases of wanting to be on-the-Internet, and phases of wanting to shut the screens and machines, and just look at real life. Be with real faces. 

I'm still not totally comfortable in my new "blog house," I'll be honest. I'm still figuring out what I want this writing space to be about. I have Vampire Voices that say it must be all about design. Then I'll have thousands of client requests flooding my inbox. Then I look at a blog like Tara Whitney's and I think, it can be about anything. It's OK. (She is one of my favorites.)

I'd like to get better at taking photos. I'd like to just take more photos, really. 

This time of year, before the holiday, I get this weird lonely feeling. Like, a fear of being alone. Or a fear that I'm missing out. It's the same feeling I used to get around exam time at school. Like, we were all on our own now, and about to be dispersed. It's the pre-missing missing. 

When I feel that way, I have to remind myself to lighten up a little. It will all be OK. Chill time on my calendar is OK. Reading a book in bed is OK. 

Right? Right.