December Devotion/24

I'm writing this at 12:24 on Christmas Eve Day. We're waiting for Adam's parents and brother to arrive, and we'll go visiting family in Sydney Mines. I just did the dishes and tidied up a bit, the way you do when your in-laws will shortly be in your home. But, at 12:20 I stopped myself. There is more I can do, for sure. But I also wanted to write a blog post. And I also wanted to just relax a little before they get here. 

So, so what if there are messy things still around? 

This is life.

Grace to oneself is devotion to my own sweet soul. To my own value, intrinsic. Inherent. Not dependent on how neat my house is. 

Anyway, December has been a good month! It turned my schedule a bit sideways, and some things fell by the wayside (ahem: the gym). But we're all here and accounted for. In our messy, filled-with-love, normal, sometimes-cranky, always-sheltering, home.

Merry Christmas.