slow blog // February 2016

So! Here we are. One month later. Slow Blog Post #2: the month of February.

Like I did last month, I'll share my sketchbook pages one at a time in this post. You can click on them to view them bigger. Below each spread I'll write a bit about it, or include links to material. Also, this is the post I wrote about the idea of slow blogging and why I'm doing it.

So, above: The image on the left is from my 2016 Nikki McClure calendar. She is a hugely talented paper artist! I also have the January image in the spread below. I love her work and it feels slightly sacrilegious to cut up her work, but oh well. 

I had commented on this post by Stasia Savasuk, and she responded. So I printed off the comment and her response and highlighted the part that spoke to me the most. Then that's the illustration from the January page of Nikki McClure's calendar, because there wasn't anywhere to put it in the January section. 

As anyone who's been reading my stuff for more than a minute knows, I really love the work of Elise Blaha Cripe. This piece above is a print-out of her post "thoughts on busy". I go back and read it again and again.

Heart on the left is cut out of the Nikki McClure calendar page. 

The podcast episode is here.

No explanation needed. :)

Nor here.

Nor here.

This is drawn by a client at the Centre where I work. Every morning he comes to my office and draws this exact same picture. Perhaps this is the Universe answering me when I wrote on the previous page "Doing the work and being patient is HARD." The Universe is like, "Not really! Just do it over and over again."

This photo is cut out of the September 2015 Vogue. Have you heard "Formation"? I love it.

If the idea of no-cell-phone interests you, read this piece.  

My friend Nicole and I were talking about this, about LISTENING. 

This is from this podcast. Which was super, super good.

No explanation necessary - besides, I think a lot when I'm doing dishes, so I brought out my sketchbook to note some of them down!

Left: the receipt from Adam's and my anniversary dinner (5 years!). Right: a page from the book "The Inconvenient Indian" by Thomas King. 

Although I can't remember how or why I got signed up to Jeannette's newsletter, I'm so glad I did, because this line (right hand side of the page) really spoke to me. Like, stood up off the page and started talking to me, going "WRITE ME DOWN!"

And that's it for February! See you in March. :)

xo Leah