slow blog // March 2016

I was driving home this evening from work, and I was thinking about how when I got home I was going to get settled in to my office, put on some music, probably take off my pants, and upload these photos + write this post. And honest to god, I got excited! About blogging! Then I thought to myself, "I only post once a month, so I frigging-well better make it a good one!" And kind of laughed at myself. It's so funny to me, but funny in a good way, how this kind of blogging feels. I used to blog every darn day, over at Dream Big Cape Breton. And that burnt me out.

This, on the other hand, feels... so slow, so good. I look forward to that one day a month when I get cozy and put the blog post together.

And take my pants off.

Anyway! Here we are. The end of March and beginning of April, so it's time for another slow blog post. (Here are the others: why I'm slow blogging, January, and February.) The way this works is, I'll share my sketchbook/slow blog pages one at a time in this post, and you can click on each image to view it bigger if you need to. Below each picture, if I feel it needs further explanation, I'll write a bit, or include links to whatever inspired me. This month, I took the photos out on the deck, in the evening light, which felt so nice. The last two months I had to take the pictures after the sun had gone down, on my desk. 

Here we go!

This was made out of the cover of a Chatelaine magazine.

I think these words of Tiffany's were from an email newsletter she sent. I decided to draw some frangipani flowers around the time I started realizing my best friend was leaving soon for New Zealand.

I read "The Year of Yes" and this was the line that jumped out at me from the whole thing and demanded to be written down. Funnily enough, I wrote it down on St. Patrick's Day.

This page I drew after posting this picture on Instagram.

This is one of the worksheets from It's Business Time - in fact, it's the very first one. Tiffany encouraged me to fill it out again, in a call we had early in the month. So I did. The washi tape around the edges is from Get To Work Book.

I actually felt the urge to type out my thoughts in a blog post, something I haven't felt in ages. So I typed it in an email and emailed it to myself. 

Some thoughts on walking with Adam, and Instagram.

Sometimes my notebook just takes notes (top part of this page). Bottom part - this Instagram post by Jessamyn Stanley stuck with me, so I went back and wrote down the part that wouldn't let go of me. Then I sketched her a bit.

And this above and below was the part of this podcast where Tiffany interviews Sarah Von Bargen that stuck with me. 

This is the page I was drawing on in this video. 

And above are some thoughts for "a post I want to write at some point", although the truth is, someday is actually now. Or, now is yesterday's someday. Or, something like that?

Anyway, I was sitting there in my car the other day, going "man, I really want to start writing about this, and working my way through my feelings about it," and then I thought, "well, ya gotta start somewhere." So, even though being vulnerable about it makes me feel, well, vulnerable (and scared), I did. 

Well, that's it for March! I'm still loving this method of blogging. I feel like I'm just getting going with it, just starting to discover its joys. That's the neat thing about a "slow" anything - you don't see the rewards right away, instantaneously... but instead, they reveal themselves over time.

See you at the end of April! 

xo Leah