Writing for 15 minutes a day (or trying anyway).

Listening to this song.  It seems to fit this contented, peaceful season Adam and I find ourselves in.

Smelling the pre-Spring air, itching to dig in the ground. 

Googling easy-to-fit-together raised beds.

Drinking coffee, one cup in the morning. 

Desiring yoga again.

Making do with a few simple stretches in my chair right now.

Watching crows out of my window on the neighbour's telephone wire.

Hitting repeat on the song from earlier.

Thinking about women, patriarchy, misogyny, love and hate. (Happy Women's Day.)

Flipping through my Get To Work Book and thinking about the day of work ahead. Who will I see, whose hellos will I hear? Will I get my planned work done or will I be interrupted? How will those interruptions shape my day?

Making lunch - a sandwich, probably.

Happy Wednesday, friends.