quiet morning #1

We blog for such different reasons at different points in our lives. It really runs the gamut from showing expertise in a subject (carefully crafted posts, shared with less frequency) to off-the-cuff logging of life (the writing is then a work in progress, shared more with frequency). 

This month I am showing up here daily, quietly, I've decided. 

Making a small record every day. Of this life, as it is right now. 

Before things change. (If they change - so much of the upcoming possible change is not up to Adam and I. Only one part is.) 

For now, it's 6:32 am. I have "Kerala" by Bonobo on repeat, and loud. It feels like the perfect soundtrack. I love the voices blending, and the tones of the instruments. Outside the sun is rising. The sky is a gradient from blue to light yellow, stunning and clear. The ducks that live in the field nearby are flying around, black silhouettes against the light. 

Adam has left for work. He's working the Woodbine job these days, which starts at 7. I'll go to work at 8, for an 8:30 start. 


A seagull flaps by. 


I feel like digging back in time. Like spending time re-reading my own words, from 2002 (age 18), to 2012 (age 28). To today. To rediscover. Become re-inspired. 


Happy Thursday, friends.