i am inspired

  1.  I am inspired by Sommersalt's July experiment. (Here.) She is writing a list of 10 observations of the world around her, each day. They are spare and beautiful, striking to the heart of it.
  2. I don't think I will do it every day. At least not right now. I am not in the headspace for a daily project. But I am in the headspace for simplicity. And for noticing. So we shall see. 
  3. The birch tree I see when I look out the window rustles and tosses like a green pom-pom, gently shaken.
  4. There are things I am waiting to tell, waiting to make public. I am both anxious and excited to share. In time. 
  5. My partner showers and I can hear the water spilling and running. 
  6. There is a card my mother gave me, sitting on my desk beside me. A photo of two women sewing, wearing cloth around their heads, their faces looking up at the photographer, is on the front. Mom used it to wrap a pair of socks she knitted. 
  7. My office is packed with things, most glaringly four blue bags filled with recyclables, waiting for next Friday. 
  8. I crave tomorrow's freedom to fill my time as I please, and ache to turn my attention to the space I live in. 
  9. We are about to drive over to Sydney and get some ribs at RibFest. 
  10. Love.