July 21 - 10 things

  1. Taking breaks = so good, so necessary, so right. Going back to the work, or the app, refreshed = feels 100% amazing. SO much better than "powering through" and doing creative work from a place of exhaustion. 
  2. I love seeing Elise Blaha Cripe get inspired on a new thing. It inspires me, gets me charged up to cut out the things that no longer serve, to welcome in the new things or the things that are old but are now new again. Thank you, Elise. 
  3. The abundance of July in plants in ditches - blue, white, purple, all the plants. Hazy hot days.
  4. Those blue plastic bags of recyclables went to the curb last night and are being picked up today. 
  5. Swimming yesterday at Groves Point. The water calm, no waves. Liquid cool all over my body, my hands making a path through it. 
  6. "Excuse me, where did you get that suit?" Twice yesterday. "A website," I reply. "Swimsuits For All." Are they saying that instead of saying, "Go you! A chubby woman wearing a bikini!" or is it just simply what they are thinking? Either way, I will take it. 
  7. "Helloooo babe!" from a client, stopping by my office. "Coffee today," he says, and he pulls a loonie out of his pocket to show me. "Don't lose it," I say, because he is notorious for losing his money. I will probably give him a cup of coffee anyway, even if he does lose it before breaktime. 
  8. Next week I am flying away from the ocean, inland to Toronto. I will spend a week there. I will stand in a wedding from a culture different than my own. I will see friends I haven't seen in a while. I'm looking forward to it, but also a little nervous too. The older I get the more I am a creature of habit, of home. 
  9. A Friday at work where there isn't anything pressing, where the boss is off for the day, where I can start to feel caught up on my list = precious. 
  10. A chocolate chip cookie and a cottage cheese so smooth it's basically yogurt.