slow blog // May 2016

This month, I took my Slow Blog outside to photograph it. I went down into the backyard on a sunny but cool afternoon this past week in the first days of June, and found a flat stone to lay the book on. Mittens was around, as you can see from the photo above. It was windy, and I had to hold the pages down to keep them flat. I like the effect that the sun through the grass and forget-me-nots ended up having on the pages, of shadows. And I like photographing the book in the sunshine. 

May was an interesting month, a busy month, looking back on it now from June. I had a job interview for a part-time job, then chose not to take it. (I wrote about it, you'll see that below.) It was busy - I have a few freelance clients right now, and there never seems to be as much time as I want there to be or plan for there to be. But also in the month I was thinking and mulling about that busy-ness, and about how to be, how to come across. I dunno -- in trying to sum it up now I'm not sure how. I'm only sure that I feel, on the other side of the month, as though I learned. I'm continuing to clarify ... who I am. What matters to me. What I want to spend my time on.

Anyway, I'll let the pages speak for themselves. 

(For reference, if you're new here: the post on why I'm trying this experiment for a year, then the slow blog posts in January, February, March, April.)

The part that's cut off in the page below just says "May 12":

Census fun! Haha..

The decorations on this page are from the Get To Work Book, which arrived this month. 

I taped them in so I can lift them, and write things under them. 

Like this.

Brain dump.

This is an idea I had that I would like to make into a vectorized graphic at some point. You might have seen me post it to Instagram earlier in the month.

This is a partial list... I was starting to come up with a variety of ideas about why I quit Facebook, but I keep thinking of others too. I'll snag them as they come, and perhaps write a longer piece about it... someday. So far, though, I'm not really missing it.

My friend Emily recently said something like, "Who knew that starting your own business would bring up all these emotions!?" Ain't that the truth.

I cut some things from a Chatelaine magazine. I'd like to do more collages... I miss it.

Doodles and thoughts... and thoughts and doodles. Is graphic poetry a thing? Yeah, probably.

And that's May.