slow blog // July 2016

July, July, July. You were fast - over so soon. And packed with goodness. 

I took the photos this month in the sweet little park near where I work, called the Baille Ard Trails. I did each page against a different background, and some I held up against things. It was fun to experiment with that! I'm so enjoying this slow blogging... and just the chance to be playful.

(And in case you're brand new to my blog and my slow blog experiment of 2016, here are the previous posts: the post on why I'm trying this experiment for a yearthen the slow blog posts forJanuaryFebruaryMarchApril, May, and June.)

The drawing of me in the above page is from this Instagram picture. 

This page above, and the next three pages, are drafts of blog posts/newsletters for the Creative Soul Weekend. That's a retreat for women that myself and my friend Emily Rankin organize together. It's coming up in September and I urge you to get on the mailing list to find out when we open registration and make sure you can come!! It's a lot of fun. 


In July I joined the Being Boss Clubhouse. It's $30 USD a month, which I consider an investment in my business. I'm loving the conversations and connections that happen in there! This page below was from one of the podcast episodes, the one about the chalkboard method. I also have the other page of that worksheet in my sketchbook, but I decided not to share it here because it's got some of my business stuff on it, like clients and projects, that aren't ready to share yet. 

Strangely enough, I had discovered the artist Frances Cannon through Instagram about 2 days before I made the collage below. When I looked to see who had illustrated the woman hugging herself (which I found in a copy of Chatelaine), it was Frances Cannon! Weird...

And that's July! It's a wrap. Onwards to August.