slow blog // August 2016

Change is in the air!

I love, love, love Fall. I love how it switches things up: the temperature, the colour of the leaves, the amount of light, the schedule. I say, bring it on. I want to move ahead, but first -- I want to take a minute to look back at August and at what I did with it in my Slow Blog sketchbook. 

The octopus above is from a bag I had been hanging on to for ages, that some tee shirts came in from ShirtWoot. (The original illustrator is Walmazan.)

Of those four goals listed on the page above, I'll admit I really only did one of them: prep for Creative Soul Weekend. I didn't work on my business plan at all, I only spent a minimum of time on our home, and I took care of myself the bare minimum to get by. It's true what they say, that you can only have one priority at a time. (I suppose the other unwritten priority is my day job.) 

I took these photos of the sketchbook pages on Florence Beach. It's one of my favourite spots to go be by the water and relax. In fact, I took the June Slow Blog photos there too, but the light is pretty different in these shots. 

August was a quiet month in the sketchbook because it was a fairly busy month in real life. 

On the left: The "Easy as Pie" lettering is cut from a Chatelaine magazine. You'll see that phrase turn up next month when I put Leah Wechsler's editorial calendar into gear. I thought it was neat that it turned up in my mailbox around when she and I worked together. The chopstick sleeve is from Naru, the new sushi restaurant in Sydney. I go there for a treat sometimes. 

On the right: My friends Mary and Dallas got married last month. It was a beautiful, small and down-home ceremony. Their wedding favours were little envelopes filled with wildflower seeds, which I just love and can't wait to plant in my garden. 

Leah Wechsler sent me a little notecard to thank me for working with her, and that's on the left. Jacquie Blanchard sent me a package from New Zealand, and that's on the right. 

Also in August, I made a new friend! Her name is Jay Rawding and she's also a graphic designer. Emily Rankin and I went to visit with her mid-month. It was inspiring and lovely and I'm looking forward to getting to know her more. And then on the right is a round-up of what August was. 

So my Slow Blog experiment is changing! I mentioned in June that I hired my friend Leah Wechsler of Creative, She Wrote to work with me on an editorial calendar for my blog and help me set up a new blogging schedule. I plan to blog more frequently -- posting once a week, starting in October. I think I will keep the Slow Blog sketchbook going until the end of 2016, to make it a full year, but I think I will look at doing one or two pages per month instead of multiple pages. 

I'm preparing for October by setting aside a weekend this month to just write, and I'm excited to get back in the blogging groove. Leah's help made all the difference!

How was your August? I hope you're having a creative and invigorating September so far. See you next month!

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